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What makes Microsoft ASP.NET development click is because of an advanced technology preferred by software developers and users all over the world. Today, there are many service providers offering development of ASP.NET to create both small and big websites.

Microsoft ASP.NET development is considered a very effective tool in software development as well as web development

Posted on June 2 2014

Microsoft ASP.NET development has been known to be very effective development process because of the several good features of the .NET platform. It is a highly preferred tool for web and software development. Nowadays, a lot of web development service providers use the .NET framework to develop applications because of the numerous features. .NET has an extensive class library with predefined functions for common programming issues. ASP.NET developers utilize several platform features in developing or modifying applications. Some features of the platform include AJAX which provides a set of objectives to create rich and dynamic web applications. Moreover, it features a Template that helps in applying the consistent look of a website and web-based applications. The Windows Presentation Foundation provides a steady programming model for creating rich applications that has documentation, media and user interface. The Language Integrated Query or LINQ allows the recovery o data from databases and also provides support for the compiler and IntelliSense.

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